Iʼve lived and Iʼve laughed and I ʻve loved and Iʼve tasted
Tears of joy and time I have wasted
we all find our way to familiar faces that become a home to us

Scared of living but so scared of dying
Losing faith in what we believe in
but hope hides itself in the strangest of places that we never thought to look

Chorus :
just open your heart, call love
and now itʼs time to, dance to your dreams
and start by saying, I am love
and soon youʼll find it coming right back to you
and soon youʼll find it coming around to you

Verse 2:
Iʼve been falling without any safety net
Held the world while holding a baby 
We must sing along, the voice deep inside us is the soundtrack of our soul

Call Love features:

Melanie Scholtz on lead vocals
Muriel on keys and backing vocals
Kinara Paco on backing vocals
Frank Paco on drums, percussion and backing vocals
Rodrigo Galvao on percussion and Berimbao
Dave Ledbetter on guitar
Lucas Khumalo on bass guitar
Buddy Wells on flute



Call Love Lyrics