About Muriel

Muriel Marco is a keyboardist, composer and singer.


She was born in Argentina and lived in South Africa for the past 20 years. 

Her style ranges from Jazz, World to Alternative according to her project's direction and mood. 

Muriel performs for various bands as seasoned musician, leads her own projects and is an active writer for TV and Film. 




Muriel's new EP is available online!!

The project is rooted on Muriel's  Argentinian, Latin,

African and Jazz background.

Hear Mbira and African bow riffs interlaced with Chacarera feel and fusion arrangements.


HIgh Energy Drum 'n Bass Piazzola  and Spanish Salsa arrangements of Beatenberg. 


Her Projects

Muri Capolana 5.jpg
ND Project

No Direction Project is well rooted on Muriel’s Argentinian, Latin, African and Jazz background.


From Tango to Maskandi, Swing to Chacarera, Mbaqanga to Toba lullaby, this original project ensures a unique experience which embodies Muriel’s life path as an artist. 

World 99

World 99 was started as a dedication (one could say) to number 9 in Muriel's life.


By luck or by fate that number has appeared numerously in one way or another. 


Muriel decided to compose 99 songs as a compositional project. 


Styles differ but follow an underlined Latin and Alternative influence. 

Tucan Tucan

A Kaleidosocope of sound. 


World Jazz music with Latin & House beat infusion. A vibrant melting pot of African rhythms and South American tones embelished with jazz arrangements and high energy dance beats.

A must listen for World Jazz lovers.


Tucan Tucan's music ranked number 1 on major Radio stations in SA and Mozambique. 


TV & Film Music 

Muriel is an active composer for TV and Film.


She won the Golden Horn Award together with Ghalik Jacobs for best Music compostion - Confession of a Gambler 2009.


Her library music is used by major production companies. It can be heard in TV programs Generantions, Ispani, Making moves, My world, Now or never, Future leaders, Made in SA, 100% youth to mention a few. 


Her music from orignal projects has featured in movies,  TV series and ads as well as ranked number 1 on major SA radio stations. 





Outstanding South African Entertainment for Corporates and Weddings 


Contact Muriel

Muriel Marco

Tel: + 27 21 813 9494


Cell: +549 3544 536393 

(what's app calls and messages)


E-Mail: xmusicentertainment@gmail.com

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