PM inc.



PM inc is an energetic electro-dance project formed by Frank Paco and Muriel Marco.

Big hooks, brain bending beats and powerful interleaved synth sounds taken to the next level by Frank and Muriel's high energy live performance. 
PM inc blows up the music boundaries by fusing Electro-Dance House beats and World elements in some of their compositions.


Out of My Mind Single

CD cover of Out of My Mind by PMinc


PMinc is proud to announce the launch of its new single 'Out of My Mind' together with its amazing music Video.

It was a very interesting and fun, with no doubt a FUN video to take part of!

Frank and I come from a World/Jazz background so it was very difficult to keep a straight face while shooting this video.. Specially during the rapping part! (Yes, one of us is rapping in the video..)

The video was shot in the magnificent X-Music studios in Cape Town by the very creative videographer / After Effects eminence, Zuks from Alter. Not to forget Erin Dunlap and Mel Aiff who were a great helping hand with ideas, wardrobe and make up!

Corazon Roto Single

Our third single release!


Corazon roto features:

Frank Paco and Muriel Marco on programming and singing. 

Recorded and Mixed at X-Music Studios

Mastered by Tim Lengfeld - TL Mastering


Corazon Roto Music video will be out soon. Stay connected with PMinc so we can let you know!


If you enjoy the "Corazon Roto" you are welcome to download it for free on SoundCloud above.

Thank you once again for listening and supporting Indie Music!!

Show Girl Single

Show Girl is PM inc.'s second single release. 

Below is its Official Music Video Produced by Sam Kanyama and X-Music Entertainment. 


Show Girl features:

Frank Paco on vocals, snares and programming 
Muriel Marco on backing vocals, synths and programming 

Recorded at X-Music Studios

Produced and mixed by PM inc  

Mastered by Simon Ratcliffe - Sound and Motion Studios, Cape Town


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To buy Show Girl, click on CD Baby below

Pm Inc: Show Girl


Thank you for supporting Indie Music!!


Pminc, Frank Paco with Glasses, yellow background

Don't stop your move single

PM inc.'s first dance single "Don't stop your move"! 



"Don't Stop your move" features:

Frank Paco on vocals and programming 
Muriel Marco on backing vocals, synths and programming 
Jaco Maria on backing vocals 
Lee-Anne Fortuin on lead vocals 
Milagre Paco on rap

This song was recorded at X-Music Studios

Produced and mixed by PM inc  

Mastered by Tom Coyne - Sterling Sound, USA (The same amazing engineer who mastered Byonce, Taio Cruz, and many other outstanding sounding artists!).


Pm Inc: Don


Thank you for supporting Indie Music!!


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PMinc announces the launch of 

Out of My Mind Music Video


Out of My Mind CD cover


Watch it HERE


Corazon Roto

PM inc. new single Corazon Roto
is now available for download.



Available for Free download from

player below for a few days only!


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